Neighbourhood Angels

Neighbourhood Angels

Befriending Project- Guildford


Neighbourhood Angels is a pilot scheme in Guildford Borough. It is funded by Guildford Borough Council but facilitated by the Communities Engagement Team within the Church of England.

Project Aims

The key aim of the project is to reduce loneliness and isolation for older people and vulnerable adults. We also aim to improve confidence, develop community links and improve independence. The long term aim is to reduce dependency on health and social services by utilising volunteers and community services.

Who is it for?

Neighbourhood Angels is aimed at older people and vulnerable adults in Guildford Borough who:

  • Have limited contact with other people
  • Are lonely and/or socially isolated
  • Are willing to receive the help of a Neighbourhood Angel

They may:

  • Have a physical illness or disability
  • Have low level-mental illness, i.e depression or early stages of dementia.

Referrals may come various sources such as health centres, social services or within the community.  Referrals will always be assessed by the project co-ordinator before being matched with a volunteer. If a referral is not suitable, other options may be pursued.


DBS checks and character references are carried out for every volunteer. They receive around one day of compulsory training. Volunteers are ‘matched’ to residents according to locality, experience, availability and interests.
Volunteers may:

  • take residents out to community groups or locations
  • support residents to meet personal goals
  • provide a listening ear
  • sign-post to other services

Volunteers may not:

  • Provide medical or personal care
  • They are also not there to do housework (but may help with odd jobs).

Length of Interventions

Residents receive an initial intervention of 3 months. Progress is reviewed and a further 3 months may be offered. Most volunteers will meet residents weekly, or fortnightly, for a few hours. If support is still needed after 6 months, other avenues may be pursued.

Text Box:  Contact Details

Rachel Guilford
Neighbourhood Angels Project Co-ordinator (part-time)
Diocesan House, Quarry Street, Guildford GU1 3XG  

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