Introducing your community voice:

• We are a voluntary association that has worked to preserve the identity of Merrow, its community and history for over 40 years.

• We represent local views on many issues that affect Merrow’s residents including planning applications, local amenities and services. We also combine efforts with other organisations to protect our environment.

• We keep members informed of local issues via newsletters, e-mails and website updates, and each year hold two social evenings with guest speakers. We are also keen to hear your concerns and views.

• We welcome new members from all over Merrow, especially those from Boxgrove, Bushy Hill and Merrow Park where we are under-represented. Increasing our membership will make our community voice stronger.

Executive Committee

 Chairman Andrew Strawson
 Vice-Chairman Vacant
 Treasurer Denise Hilton
 Secretary Henriette Whitehead-van Prooye
 Environment Officer Vacant
 Membership Secretary Claire Rymell
 Publicity Officer Vacant
 Committee Members Gordon Farquharson, Chris Holliday, Keith Meldrum, Lorna Seymour, Julia Ellis, Kate Dumbleton
 Webmaster Dave Smith